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Interesting facts about GABA tea

GABA tea = healthy lifeThe GABA is a shortening for Gamma-aminobutyric acid. Due to the special production technology, the content of this acid in GABA tea is the very high.

Than this acid is so important?

Gamma-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter, means it is biologically active chemical which provides the electric impulse from a nervous system to neurons (for example, from brains to muscular tissue). Usually it is OK, because GABA is synthesized by itself in normal conditions. But, if you have stresses, or you have inaccuracy in food and alcoholic beverages, or you sleep a little, GABA ceases to be synthesized in the necessary volume. It could be explained as bad mood, a depression, absence of motivation. And actually you simply don't have enough Gamma-aminobutyric acid

The technology of GABA tea was developed in 1987, in Japan. Then it was transferred to Taiwan where it was improved.

GABA tea is oxidized like oolongs, only partially without oxygen access. Within 8-10 hours tea leaves are hold without air. Because of that the maximum acid is generated. And even with usual brewing acid is easily extracted in tea liquor.

GABA tea has unique impact on an human body:

  • stimulates brain’s work, improves memory and as a whole increases ability to concentration;
  • relieves of unpleasant consequences alcoholic and other types of intoxications;
  • it is a natural tranquilizer, it normalizes work of cardiovascular system;
  • lowers a blood pressure;
  • stimulates metabolism processes;
  • prevents from dying off of neurons;
  • intensifies liver function.

Aroma of GABA tea is very light. Taste is soft, with light fruit notes.

How to brew GABA tea?

Water has to be about 95°C. For the teapot of 225−250 ml it is necessary to take about 2-5 grams of tea. Put tea in the teapot, pour in hot water in a teapot and at once pour out. It is necessary to wash the tea. After that pour in hot water and brew 1−2 min.

This tea can be brewing several times. Increase brewing time for every next brewing.


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