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Chen’s tea company is a small family company selling teas since 1950. Unofficially, the history of Chen’s company started in 1949, when Zhi Ming Chen, the son of spicy trader from Shanghai, moved to Taipei, where he married the daughter of the farmer owning small tea plantation.

As during the war the plantation was used for different crop, tea cultivation had to start almost from zero. The first harvest of Pouchong tea was obtained in 1950 and was sent to Zhi Ming Chen father’s partner to London. That’s why 1950 is the official establishing date of the company.

Gradually, by increasing of sales and export volumes, we expanded cooperation with local farmers and started to buy more and more different kinds of tea. The first tea store was opened in Taipei in 1975.

Today the company has three shops in different towns and delivers tea to a lot of customers in Taiwan, like hotels and restoraunts.

Currently the company is managed by third generation of Chen family. The idea to start online sales came to Zhi Ming Chen’s granddaughter - Elizabath in 2012, during her education in London, where she met her future partners . To start the project, the company was registered in Europe, whose responsibility is direct internet sales and customer’s support.

At that, all logistic and delivery is carried out direct from main company stock in Taiwan. This scheme allows, from one side, to provide quality customer’s support, and, from other side, to offer full range of products, including exotic teas and snacks.

Taiwanleaftea.com is committed to respecting tradition laid more than half a century ago, underlining its core value is quality of the offered goods.

Yours truly,

Elizabath Chen

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