About Us

In 2013, a new chapter began in the history of the family owned Chen's Tea Company, specializing in wholesale supplies of Taiwanese tea to hotels and restaurants. Striving to preserve the values of the past while embracing innovation, we decided to launch our own online store, Taiwanleatea.com.

The founder's youngest granddaughter, Elizabeth Chen, who had recently returned from her study in London, proposed focusing primarily on international buyers and offering them high-quality Taiwanese tea at the same prices as available in local Taiwanese stores.

Another pivotal step was the creating of a blog dedicated to tea and Taiwan. Here, we share insights into tea culture, present the history of our native island, conduct virtual tours of tea plantations, and delve into the intricacies of producing and consuming Taiwanese tea. This blog has become an additional tool for disseminating knowledge and fostering a community united by a shared passion for tea and Taiwanese culture.

Since our inception, we have achieved significant milestones. We boast the most extensive range of teas, including rare and nearly inaccessible varieties from small high-altitude farms that were previously only available locally. We participate in annual tea festivals, enabling us to offer our customers festival winners and top-ranked selections, all while continuing to sell tea at local prices.

The story of Taiwanleatea.com is one of successful adaptation of traditions to modern realities. We pledge to uphold these traditions and assure you that the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers remain our paramount values.

Enjoy your tea time!

Elizabath Chen

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