1. How much caffeine is in oolong tea compared with other types of tea?
  2. Do you sell oolong tea in tea bags or only loose tea?
  3. Are you really in Taiwan?
  4. I can buy oolong tea from my local tea shop or in supermarket. Why should I buy tea from you?
  5. How can I pay?
  6. If the delivery to my country is suspended, why I can't pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay and
  7. I have trouble with my shopping cart. What's wrong?
  8. When will I receive my tea?
  9. How to brew oolong tea?
  10. What is so special in oolong tea?
  11. If any of your growers use pesticides?
  12. How do you pack your tea?
  13. Where is Taiwan?
  14. If you are in Taiwan, why is your website in English?
  15. Do you sell wholesale?
  16. Your prices are rather low. Why? Is it not a fake?

How much caffeine is in oolong tea compared with other types of tea?

The caffeine levels are similar in oolong tea and green tea and depends on type of oolong tea and it is about 9-50 mg for standard cap. Usually caffeine level in oolong is lower than in black tea.

The caffeine levels dependent on steeping time. When tea is steeped for 5 minutes, tea has about 50 mg of caffeine per cup of tea. Usually oolong tea is is steeped for a shorter time (less than a minute) and you get less caffeine per cup. In addition, oolong tea leaves can be brewed few times, and each time the caffeine level decreases by about 75%. By the fourth infusion there is almost no caffeine left, but a good quality oolong tea will still have nice taste.

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Do you sell oolong tea in tea bags or only loose tea?

We prefer to offer loose tea because oolong tea bags may not suit the demanding tastes of the tea experts. If you want quick and convenient oolong brewing, you can buy brewing cup, infusion speed will be the same but taste will be perfect.

If you are looking for black tea in tea bags, we can offer you Sun Moon Lake Sea black tea in bags. This is high quality tea packed in tea bags.

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Are you really in Taiwan?

Yes. We are located in Xizhi District in New Taipei City in northern Taiwan, close to mountains.

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I can buy oolong tea from my local tea shop or in supermarket. Why should I buy tea from you?

Your local tea shop is unable to offer the same quality oolong that we sell here. Most of the oolong tea produced in Taiwan is for local market, and the tea that is sold wholesale overseas is usually of inferior quality. We are offering high quality tea at very reasonable prices.

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How can I pay?

We accept payments through PayPal, major credit / debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. PayPal transactions can be funded by credit cards or bank account withdrawals. You do not have to sign up with PayPal to buy our tea, although it is more convenient if you have an account with them.

For card processing we are using Stripe and Cecabank payment gateways, which securely stores and processes card data for us. Both are a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Providers.

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If the delivery to my country is suspended, why I can't pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal?

Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal don't refund the transaction fee if we return the payment. If the delivery to your country is suspended, you may don't want to wait and ask us to cancel the order, and return the money. We want to return full order amount, but we can't do it with this payment methods.

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I have trouble with my shopping cart. What's wrong?

Some aspects of the shopping cart require the use of Java Script and cookies. You can ask here how to turn on Java Script and Cookies in different browsers. Java Script and cookies are not used to collect personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy about this.

If you are still having problems please contact us and we will help you. You can order our products by email. Please send us an email with the names and quantity of the products and we will prepare the order and send you an invoice for PayPal.

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When will I receive my tea?

Usually we ship orders within 1-2 business day of receiving them. Orders are sent by EMS or Airmail and are delivered in most of the countries within 5-14 working days. After order sipping we will send you shipping notification with tracking number. Please add support@taiwanleaftea.com to the white-list of your e-mail provider.

Due to delays at the custom in Canada and Australia, shipments are delivered within 3-4 weeks (April, 2017).

Update (August, 2020)

We suggest to track the shipments using some the tracking service. We suggest to use 17Track service (17track.net). Usually 17Track detects the carrier automatically. If the carrier cannot be detected, click "Carrier" button, start to enter "Chunghwa Post", and select Chunghwa Post from the list.

You can also track your order at the your local post or at the Chunghwa Post Taiwan at the following links:

Airmail with tracking R**********TW at postserv.post.gov.tw/webpost/CSController?cmd=POS4009_1

Airmail with tracking CC*********TW at postserv.post.gov.tw/webpost/CSController?cmd=POS4007_1

EMS with tracking E**********TW at postserv.post.gov.tw/webpost/CSController?cmd=POS4005_1

Update (April, 2017)

Chunghwa Post has been changed its web. To track your shipment you should go to postserv.post.gov.tw/pstmail/main_mail.html, choose English, click "International / Mainland China Tracking Service" and enter your tracking number into "item number" field.

Tracking info for customers from Australia, Canada and USA

We have noticed that Australia Post, Canada Post and USPS don't update tracking info for airmail parcels. In this case the parcel will be tracked until it leaves Taiwan. To get the information about your shipment you can contact your local post office. Tracking info for EMS has been working.

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How to brew oolong tea?

The best way is to brew it Gong Fu style (Chinese tea ceremony). This is the traditional method for brewing oolong tea and allows you to get many infusions from the tea leaves. We recommend to fill the dry leaves in a tea pot with water 95'C, immediately drain it and fill with water for brewing. In all our tea descriptions you could find brewing instructions for particular type of tea.

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What is so special in oolong tea?

Oolong tea is produced through a unique process including withering under the strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting. Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea – intermediate between black tea (fully oxidized) and green tea (non-oxidized). The oxidation process gives the tea more flavour than in green tea but oolong is not so heavy as black tea. Oolong tea is a light, refreshing beverage that provides all the health benefits of green tea.

Taiwan has an ideal geographic location for tea. The subtropical climate combined with high mountains provides perfect growing conditions for tea.

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If any of your farmers use pesticides?

No, nobody of our farmers use pesticides.

Taiwan has very harsh law about the food and pesticide residue accept rate. You can find more detailed information on government TFDA web-site and you can read about analysis of products at following link.

According to the law there in Taiwan is no need to certify organic products. And also there are no government program, similar to USDA Organic. There are some private alternatives, but they are not not recognized internationally. That's why most tea farmers, who operate small plantations, don't see the benefit of getting certification. They view the process as an unnecessary expense that won't bring them any benefit. That's why the most organic tea from Taiwan doesn't have this certification.

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How do you pack your tea?

Our tea is vacuum-packed in foil bags. Some of tea sorts could be damaged with vacuum (i.e. Sun Moon Lake Black tea), so we ship them in foil bags.

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Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is located in Eastern Asia, islands bordering the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait, north of the Philippines, off the southeastern coast of China. Taiwan's total land area is about 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles).

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If you are in Taiwan, why is your website in English?

English is international language and we offer out tea world wide. We want that people from different countries will taste and love Taiwan tea.

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Do you sell wholesale?

For big order volume we could give you a certain discount. Please use the contact form for further information.

We don't provide free samples. If you want to try our teas you can order it from our web. We will discount this amount from the big volume order (not more than 5% from the order amount without shipping).

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Your prices are rather low. Why? Is it not a fake?

We are long time in business and we have stable partners who provides us best prices. This price level is usual in Taiwan. You pay additional only delivery costs, which are rated from Taiwan post.

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