Types of teapots

No real tea party is complete without a teapot. What are they like?

Glass teapot

Safe, refractory, does not give a foreign taste to tea. It is convenient in that the color of tea infusion and the beauty of unfolded leaves are visible. Ideal for flowering tea, and for milk oolongs.

Porcelain teapot

It is usually very beautiful, refractory, retains heat well and does not give an foreign taste to tea. Perfect for any festive tea party.

Clay teapot

Suitable for brewing tea without additives. Clay allows tea to breathe and helps maintain color and aroma, and also retains heat for a long time. The porous structure of clay absorbs odors.

Cast iron kettle

It retains heat for a very long time. It is convenient if there is a need to heat the tea infusion over a fire. Not very suitable for slightly fermented teas that lose their taste when brewed in such a teapot.

We are often asked what kind of kettle is best to choose. The answer of the people of Taiwan is not important, much more important, what is the quality of the tea itself.


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