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Osmanthus Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (桂花金萱)

Osmanthus Jin Xuan Milk oolong is the combination of Jin Xuan Milk oolong tea with Osmanthus flowers. During the baking (final stage of tea processing), tea absorbs very slowly fragrance from fresh Osmanthus blossom and this gives to tea fine floral note. All producers have their own technology how to make this tea, but use traditional processing method without any chemical elements or aromatization.

Jin Xuan milk oolong from Li Shan is from very high mountain area which is the highest mountains range in Taiwan. Li Mountain has altitude more than 2000 meter above sea level. Li Shan tea trees are grown in this cold and humid environment, making the tea leaf soft and with amazing fruit fragrance and taste.

Milk oolong from Li Shan has unique mountain flavor and taste is pretty and reach of flowers and plants aroma.

Osmanthus is a small evergreen shrub that blooms in late summer or the beginning of autumn. The color of Osmanthus flowers ranges from white, cream, yellow to orange-yellow.

Osmanthus Jin Xuan Milk Oolong tea has big range of benefits: boosting digestive health, heart health, lung health, detoxication of the human body, skin health and healthy weight loss. Osmanthus oolong tea is high in antioxidants which can help in reducing the risk heart-related problems.

Leaves: are green, compact, rolled into small balls, which are straighten during brewing and Osmanthus flowers.


Tea liquor is golden yellow, clean and bright. Sweet and soft milk flavor with floral notes gives light but full mouth flower aroma and taste.


You can use any kind of tea pot, but clay tea pot suits much better.

Warm up the tea pot with the boiling water, put 2-3 grams of tea, and pour small amount of the boiling water into the tea and pour out, then pour 225-250 ml of boiling water and cover tea pot for three minutes before serving.

Boiling temperature – 85-95°C (185-203°F). You can use this amount of tea 3 to 4 times.

The tea leaves come unrolled for full flavor.

Additional information

This is one of the traditional ways of brewing. Depending on individual gustatory preferences you can vary brewing time from 35s to 5 minutes.

You can also use Chinese traditional way of brewing - spilling, using Gaiwan and brew for 3-5 second each time.

Please note, that it is natural tea with high content of active elements, including caffeine, and minerals and some unusual feelings could appear. In that case we recommend decrease quantity of dry leaves and brewing time.

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