Tea filter bags

Tea lovers have long known that tea is not something to rush into. But often the modern rhythm of life doesn't make it possible, especially at work, to make yourself a tea cup according to all the rules.

But are tea bags a solution? Is it made of the same tea leaves as the leaf? What are the features of tea bags? And why does it loses to the leaf tea - or maybe it doesn't?

When you make leaf tea, you see the tea leaf, you see how it opens. In a tea bag this leaf is crushed and you can't see the leaf itself you can't recognize it. This is a mixture of several teas and not a tea leaf at all. Also, various properties of tea may suffer in a tea bag, because the quality of tea poured into bags is limited by the technological features of this method of selling and brewing tea.

Powdered tea leaves quickly lose their freshness and taste due to oxidation by the surrounding air. A small dosage (about 2 grams per bag), even if not very long, leads to the loss of almost all of the valuable qualities of tea - the oxidation surface is many times larger than that of whole leaf tea. In other words, packing high-quality tea into bags simply does not make sense - it will lose all its valuable properties during storage, and the increase in cost when using more expensive raw materials will not be appreciated by the target audience.

However, there is a way! It’s not necessary to deny yourself the pleasure of drinking a cup of our tea! Order tea filter bags in you favorite online store (i.e. Amazon), brew our tea in them, and enjoy delicious and aromatic tea even outside the home.


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