Tea Competitions in Taiwan

Tea Competitions in TaiwanOne of the main events in the life of Taiwan tea is tea competitions. Ongoing competitions were revived in Taiwan in 1976 after a long break. The aim was to determine the best tea (local oolongs), investment raising, teaching of the correct use of tea. A very important aspect was preservation of high level of Taiwan tea because take part in the competition could only the best suppliers.

Competitions are very different and interesting. There are competitions for the title of the best among specific teas – Oriental beauty, Dong Ding, Tie Guan Yin, Bao Zhong (Pouchong) - in each county there are their own competitions, and some are twice a year. The extent of competition can vary greatly from small, where are only a few hundreds of participants, to those where they are considered by the thousands of them. The scheme of tea competition is simple - district administration appoints a commission that selects the tea for the competition and range tea, which passed through try-out. Evaluation is carried out blindly tests, three grams of tea infused with 150 ml. water for 6 minutes. Taking into account five criteria: appearance, taste, aroma, liqueur color, view of brewed leaf. Assess as hot liqueur, and also already cooled down.

Teas-winners receive a special stamp and sign at the package - a medal (gold, silver and bronze) and plum blossoms and sold at auction.

You can order in our web-shop tea-winner Bao Zhong (Pouchong), also on request we can offer tea-winners from other competitions.


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