How does tea affect?

Roasting tea

It burns the mucous membrane of the mouth, stimulates the esophagus and stomach, does not allow you to enjoy the taste.

Strong tea

Overly strong tea can cause headaches and insomnia.

Tea brewed for a long time

Active substances begin to spontaneously oxidize, which affects the taste and aroma, but also reduces the nutritional value of tea.

Multiple brewing

Depends on the type of tea and the time of each brewing. In any case, after a certain amount of brewing, few useful substances remain in the tea leaves.

Yesterday's tea

Loses vitamins and nutrients, and can also be a medium for bacteria.

Tea before meals

It can lead to a decrease in protein absorption during meals, it is better to drink tea 20-30 minutes before eating.

Tea After Meal

Despite a lot of advice that this is harmful for the absorption of food, we believe that there is no harm, and green tea or oolong tea is especially useful.

Tea and medicine

Active substances in tea can react with drugs, which impairs their absorption, it is better to drink drugs with water.


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