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Interesting facts about Dong Ding oolong tea

Dong Ding oolong teaDong Ding Oolong is one of the most famous teas of Formosa Oolong. The original cultivation area of ​​Dong Ding is very small, but the annual amount produced by Dong Ding is high. This tea was classified according to flavor, taste and aftertaste.

There is a legend that because of the heavy rain and slippery roads, the tea farmers moved along the mountain on their socks, strongly freezing at the same time. And after that the mountain began to be called Frosty Peak. By the way, another name for Dong Din tea is "up and down the mountain trails". On this mountain, wonderful conditions for growing tea: good ground, sufficient amount of wood, height, temperature (about 22 degrees Celsius) and annual rainfall.

Harvesting of the tea is usually in April-May.

During cooking, Dong Ding is subjected to deep roasting, but weak fermentation, then it is rolled into dense balls.

Because of weak fermentation, this tea is full of vitamins, so we get an excellent vitamin charge, giving health and tonus to our body.


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