Spring and winter teas in Taiwan – what is the difference?

In one of our blog articles, we talked about four seasons of tea harvesting in Taiwan. The main ones are only two - spring and winter harvest. Currently, there is an opinion that the difference between spring and winter teas is erased, and they are becoming more similar in their taste. Winters are getting less cold, the weather is more unstable, all this leads to such changes.

But nevertheless, there is still a difference, and we will tell you about it.

Winter teas

Due to the leaves growing more slowly and in typically colder, drier weather winter tea is typically more balanced, subtle, and has a longer finish. Winter harvest yields considerably less tea because plants are in the dormant phase of their annual growing cycle. Lower yields and the fact that winter harvest is just before Chinese New Year (when tea is often given as gifts) make winter tea more in-demand and potentially higher priced.

Spring teas

Typically, more fragrant with obvious and distinct floral qualities, but have less of an aftertaste, spring tea is probably the most popular overall. Spring tea yields are larger than winter tea, and do not coincide with holiday gift giving, so the cost may be more consistent.


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