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Shihjhuo Organic Oolong (石棹有機烏龍)

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High Mountain Alishan Shihjhuo oolong comes from Ali Mountain Area, from Shihjhuo township (石棹). Shihjhuo is a small village on the top of Ali Mountain. This tea is produced in the highest top of Ali Mountain. (altitude 1400-1500 m).

It is rare Alishan Oolong for special occasions.

We offer two options:

  • Unbaked Shihjhuo Organic Oolong
  • Light Baked Shihjhuo Organic Oolong

Unbaked Shihjhuo Organic Oolong:

  • Unbaked Tea: This oolong undergoes no baking process, meaning the tea leaves are not subjected to additional processing after harvesting.
  • Flavor Profile: It has a fresher and livelier taste with pronounced fruity and floral notes. Compared to Light Baked, this variant may have a more intense and robust flavor.
  • Aroma: The tea liquor exhibits aromatic floral notes and delicate fruity undertones, making it pleasant to the senses. Most attention is paying to aroma.

Light Baked Shihjhuo Organic Oolong:

  • Lightly Baked Tea: In contrast to Unbaked, this oolong undergoes a light baking process, which may involve a slight amount of additional processing or drying.
  • Flavor Profile: It features a gentler and smoother taste with a more subtle aftertaste. The flavor may be more balanced and nuanced. Most focus on taste that to aroma.
  • Aroma: The aroma of this tea can be more delicate and sweeter, with light floral accents and hints of honey.

Alishan (Ali Shan) mountain is the largest mountain range in Taiwan, it consists of 18 mountains. This tea grows on the high mountain area - Mountain Ali. Together with unique climate this gives to the tea very soft and sweet taste.

Tea bushes grow on high-mountain plantations in the ecologically clean environment. Tea is harvested several times a year, in spring and autumn. The raw stuff to produce this tea is freshly picked rich bud with 2 young leaves. After harvesting bud and leaves mash to raise a juice, and fermentation begins. Tea leaves are oxidized by the air. After that fermented tea is fried in boilers for some time. The combination of time and temperature of roasting is held every plantation in the strictest confidence. Modern technology of tea leaf rolling, and heat treatment can keep the high content of tannins and catechines.

Leaves: delicately hand-rolled into small, green yellow coloured balls.


Clean and clear brew is golden emerald colored. Aroma is rich floral-fruity with a hint of peach. Taste is very soft with sugar and floral aromas and vanilla - creamy aftertaste. This oolong is perfect for quiet afternoon or five o’clock tea.


You can use any kind of tea pot, but clay tea pot suits much better.

Warm up the tea pot with the boiling water, put 2-5 grams of tea, and pour small amount of the boiling water into the tea and pour out, then pour 225-250 ml of boiling water and cover tea pot for three minutes before serving.

Boiling temperature – 90-95°C (195-205°F).

You can use this amount of tea 3 to 4 times.

The tea leaves come unrolled for full flavor.

Additional information

This is one of the traditional ways of brewing. Depending on individual gustatory preferences you can vary brewing time from 35s to 5 minutes.

You can also use Chinese traditional way of brewing - spilling, using Gaiwan and brew for 3-5 second each time.

Please note, that it is natural tea with high content of active elements, including caffeine, and minerals and some unusual feelings could appear. In that case we recommend decrease quantity of dry leaves and brewing time.

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