Yuchi (Yuchih)

Yuchi (Yuchih)Yuchi (Yuchih) is one of the thirteen administrative districts in Nantou County, which is located in the seventh foot of the Central Mountain Range. This is a place between the uplands and the western plains. Sometimes this township identifies as the "uneasily accessible periphery" near the mountainous regions.

This township is originally called as the Go-sia-po which means "five castles".

In Nantou County, the site of Yuchi is around the central part. The distance from the east to the west is 2.6 kilometers and the north the south is 13.5 kilometers.

As for its relative location, Yuchih is neighbored by five areas. Puli Township is situated in the north and the northeast part is the entry to Renai Township. From southeast there is Sinyi Township, and from southwest and northwest are Shueili and Guoshing Township.

This township is deemed as an upland basin, at the altitude of 600-700 meters. The slow-heaved low hills play the major role in landscape of the district. There are 28 various mountains in this region and it is part of Sun Moon Lake area.

Township town is in central part of Nantou County, belonging to sub-tropical monsoon climate district its temperature is moderate and relative humidity is rather high. It's dry in winter and warm and rainy in summer, very appropriate for the production of agricultural products. Annual mean temperature is 19.3°C and Annual mean relative humidity is 81.2%.

There are some photos from our last trip to Yuchi.


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