Taiwan official holidays

1-3 January - New Year and the foundation of the Republic of China.

January 21 - February 19 - Chinese New Year or the "Spring Festival".

February 28 - Memorial Day.

March 29 - Day of Youth.

April 4 - Women's and Children's Day.

May 1 - Labor Day.

May 8 - Mother's Day.

June (5th day of the 5th moon month) - Dragon Boat Festival.

August 8 - Father's Day.

August (the 15th day of the 7th moon month) - Ghosts Festival.

September 3 - Armed Forces Day.

September (the 15th day of the 8th moon month) - Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.

September 28 - Teacher's Day (the birthday of Confucius) .

October 10 - Republic Day or National Day (anniversary of the uprising of 1911).

October 25 - Day of the retrocession of Taiwan.

November 12 - Birthday of Sun Yatsen. In the same period marks the day doctors and Day Renaissance culture.

December 25 - Constitution Day.


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