Shiding district (Shídìng Qū / 石碇區)

Shiding district (Shídìng Qū / 石碇區)Shiding district is located in New Taipei, Taiwan. This is a small mountain town, which is divided by the river into the eastern and western part. To connect these sides was built a very high bridge across the river.

Schiding was a prosperous city during the Qing dynasty, due to its good location on the road to Yilan. The basis of its economy was the trade in coal from local coal mines and tea.In 2010, due to reforms, Schiding became a district, but still it is popular because of the interesting landscapes and rare tea. There are also traditional blacksmiths, where you can buy handmade knives.

This place attracts lovers of quiet rest, as the streets here are not crowded, which allows you to have a great time, enjoying historical atmosphere, landscapes, craft and aromatic cuisine.


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