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How to get rid a hangover with tea

Everybody knows that alcohol abuse leads to hangover next day. Typical symptoms are body aches, headache, sickness. All this is due to the influence of acetaldehyde (product of the decomposition of ethanol).

Many people use folk remedies and medicines. Moreover, few knows about healing properties of green tea. For understanding the mechanism of action of green tea in hangover, it is necessary to understand mechanism of hangover.

When alcohol enters stomach, starts active process of absorption it into the blood. Then, it enters liver, where starts cleavage of ethanol to acetic acid with the help of enzymes. However, if it is too much of alcohol, liver begins to fail; there is delay in blood and intoxication.

One of participants in the cleavage of ethanol is vitamin B1, which is found in large quantities in green tea. So, if more alcohol enters the body, more of important vitamin is expended. Because of this, typical symptoms of alcohol poisoning appear.

Green tea, being a source of large amount of vitamin B1, is able in a short time to restore its deficit. Also, green tea contains a large amount of caffeine and tannin, able to quickly put a person on feet. You should remember, that alcohol delays H2O, lead to dehydration, and green tea helps refresh water balance. At this way, we can say that green tea can be indispensable for hangover syndrome.


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