Hehuan Mountain (Joy Mountain)

Hehuan Mountain (Héhuān Shān, Joy Mountain)Hehuan Mountain (Héhuān Shān, Joy Mountain) is a mountain 3,416 m (11,207 ft) high in Central Taiwan.

The mountain has three peaks. The height of the second, eastern peak is 3421 meters, and the height of the third, northern peak is 3422 meters. The mountain is part of central mountain range of the island. The peak lies on the borders of the Nantou and Hualien areas and is located in the Taroko National Park.

Hehuan Mountain is a popular destination for Taiwan people in central Taiwan. In winter months it is snowing in this part of Taiwan. This area attracts more and more tourists because of the incredibly beautiful landscapes opening from the peaks. At dawn, the peak as like as if floating in the white snow towards the morning sun.

Oolong from Mount Hehuan grows on plantation above 1850-2000 meters high. The special geographical position and weather conditions make tea from this high mountainous region incredibly tasty, with a deep floral and fruity taste.


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