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Zhu Lu Oolong (珠露茶)

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This is Premium Zhu Lu (Pearl tea) high mountain oolong comes from Ali Mountain Area, from Shihjhuo township (石棹). Shihjhuo is a small village on the top of Ali Mountain (altitude 1200-1700 m).

Alishan (Ali Shan) mountain is the largest mountain range in Taiwan, it consists of 18 mountains. This tea grows on the high mountain area - Mountain Ali. The altitude and mountain mist provide the low temperature and proper humidity to allow the leaves to develop slowly and remain tender. The weather is very cold, and even in Summer the temperature is only 20°C, if without sun. Even in the winter, it is almost 0 degree. So, the tea trees grown in cold, cloud and mist environment.

Young tea shoots are picked by hand and then undergo a special processing method partially fermented and lightly roasted, Zhu Lu Oolong is characterized by its semi-spherical shape and pleasant smell. The brewed tea especially possesses a beautiful yellow color and subtle fragrance as well as rich and mellow taste.

Zhu Lu Oolong is registredd trademark, only Shihjhuo (Shi Jhou) area produced tea can call Zhu Lu Oolong.

We have two roasting levels of the Zhu Lu Oolong:

  • Light baked, which has very fresh fragrance and light liqueur. The main difference of this light bake oolong from other teas is so, that you can brew this oolong in iced cold water, which is very healthy for hot summer days.
  • Medium baked, which is also very refreshing and the pleasant aftertaste remains longer.
  • Strong baked, which is baked for more long time and has stronger taste, and the pleasant aftertaste remains for a long time.

Leaves: delicately hand-rolled into small, green-yellow colored balls.

Effects for the body

Promotes weight loss due contained in tea theine (tea caffeine), vitamins and minerals. Affects lipid metabolism, helps with atherosclerosis, strengthens blood vessels, relieves tension, promotes relaxation and improves mood. Helps lower blood sugar levels. Good for the digestive system. Removes toxins and other heavy toxins from the body. It contains many vitamins and microelements useful for the human body, such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc and manganese.


Floral fragrance with a sweet, fruity, smooth taste. Rich in taste and aftertaste. Light baked Zhu Lu Oolong is ideal for drinking in hot summer days instead of cola or soda.


Put 2-5 grams of tea, add 225-250 ml of water with temperature what you like – from 5 to 90°C and still for three minutes before serving.

You can brew light baked Zhu Lu Oolong in the cold water. If you use cold water, please wait more time for tea leaves come unrolled for full flavor. Add ice, honey or fruits to make your favorite drink.

Additional information

This is one of the traditional ways of brewing. Depending on individual gustatory preferences you can vary brewing time from 35s to 5 minutes.

You can also use Chinese traditional way of brewing - spilling, using Gaiwan and brew for 3-5 second each time.

Please note, that it is natural tea with high content of active elements, including caffeine, and minerals and some unusual feelings could appear. In that case we recommend decrease quantity of dry leaves and brewing time.

Gregory Norton 18/06/2023
The tea's aroma is notably floral, with hints of orchid and lilac, which can be quite enticing. However, the taste can be somewhat elusive, with a delicate mix of vegetal and grassy notes that may not offer the depth and complexity desired by those seeking a more robust oolong.
Steeping methods and time play a significant role in revealing the tea's potential, and experimenting with these variables may lead to a more satisfying cup. While Zhu Lu Oolong may not be an immediate favorite for everyone, it provides an opportunity for exploration and refinement of one's tea-tasting palate.

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