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Spring Light Bake Oolong from Mingjian Township (南投民間鄉半熟烏龍茶)

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Mingjian Township is small town in Nantou county.

The main difference of this light bake Oolong from other teas is so, that you can brew this oolong in iced cold water, which is very healthy for hot summer days.

This is Spring tea, which is mean that tea is very fresh and full of minerals. Due to temperature and weather conditions, this harvest is very good in taste and quality.

Tea is light baked and has very fresh fragrance and light liqueur.

Leaves: are green, compact, rolled into small balls, which are straighten during brewing.


Floral fragrance with a sweet, flowery, smooth taste. Ideal for drink in hot summer days instead of cola or soda.


Put 2-5 grams of tea, add 225-250 ml of water with temperature what you like – from 5 to 90°C and still for three minutes before serving.

If you use cold water, please wait more time for tea leaves come unrolled for full flavor.

Add ice, honey or fruits to make your favorite drink.

Additional information

This is one of the traditional ways of brewing. Depending on individual gustatory preferences you can you can vary brewing time from 35s to 5 minutes.

You can also use Chinese traditional way of brewing - spilling, using Gaiwan and brew for 3-5 second each time.

Please note, that it is natural tea with high content of active elements, including caffeine, and minerals and some unusual feelings could appear. In that case we recommend decrease quantity of dry leaves and brewing time.

Tags: lighty fermented oolong, cold brewing

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Mingjian Township

Mingjian Township

Mingjian Township (Chinese: 名間鄉) is a rural township in west central of Nantou County. Mingjian Township is home of the Spring Light Bake Oolong from Mingjian Township (南投民間鄉半熟烏龍茶), which can be brewed in cold water.